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A Tale of Two Veggies

A few years ago, I decided to go vegetarian. I invested a lot of time testing out meatless recipes. When I’d find a winner, I’d save it somewhere, then forget about it. Or I’d take these veggie dishes to parties and get did you make this? It’s yummy! I’d say, here’s the online recipe, but I changed this or added that. I couldn’t keep track. Time to get organized.

Solution – is born

At the time, I was working heavily in ASP.NET Web Forms and MS SQL Databases. Version 1 of is built with this technology. In Version 2, I’ve upgraded the public side of the site using .NET Core MVC and Entity Framework.

V1 Tech: .NET 4.x, SQL Stored Procedures, Bootstrap
V2 Tech: .NET Core MVC, Entity Framework, Bootstrap