Regulatory News Service

Business Need

Keeping track of ever-changing government regulations related to oil and gas can be confusing and time consuming. Therefore, having a centralized repository of information with summaries of these regulations, make it easier to stay informed about changes within with industry.


JCCRegs is a subscription-based website that provides an aggregate of regulatory information to clients without them having to seek out the information manually on government websites.

Key Features
  • Subscription based email newsletter with headlines linking back to the JCCRegs site.
  • A weekly regulatory video with highlights of changes from the previous week.
  • Updates for unprecedented events such as the Deepwater Horizon disaster and the COVID-19 pandemic.
My Highlights
  • Newsletter – Windows Service that checks the database daily for new regulations entered in the system. It then sends out an email with the regulations listed based on the user’s subscription preference (daily, weekly, monthly).
  • Created a way to allow analyst to dynamically arrange links into categories instead of showing a lengthy alphabetical list.
  • JWPlayer video integration
    • Created DHTML to load videos with related links and previous videos.
    • Created logic to create dynamic thumbnails for each video using System.Drawing class to create a bitmap and save as .png with the date related to the video.
    • Tested and troubleshooted issues with video playing on old browsers while monitoring latest developments from JWPlayer to determine appropriate updates to the player as they came available.
  • Full text search / PDF Search
    • Created new stored procedures to utilize full text search function.
    • Updated Search page to utilize full text search logic and filters so the user can determine where the results were found, either record or PDF.
    • Create administrative feature to bulk insert pdf files related to records into file stream enable database so they could be searched using full text function.
  • After the pandemic hit, we need a way to rapidly provide information to our clients related to COVID-19. I helped plan and implement admin and client pages that were used to display relevant industry information to our clients. I also created the ability for our administrative personnel to “tag” regulation records that were related to COVID-19 so they could be aggregated into a single page for easy viewing. The tag system also allowed for records that were only available behind a pay wall to be displayed on our JCCTeam.com company site.

.NET 2.x, SQL Stored Procedures, jQuery, AJAX Control Toolkit