Safety Management Tool

Business Need

The JCCSems application was created to help clients satisfy the SEMS (Safety and Environmental Management Systems) requirements for BSEE (Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement). We sent representatives as a part of a group of private contractors that worked with the government to help write the regulations. While worker safety and protecting the environment were top priorities, BSEE also had to ensure the policy was feasible enough to be implemented by offshore operators.


We analyzed various pieces of the law to see where we could provide web-based solutions to help our clients maintain compliance with the new regulations.

Key Features
  • The Job Safety Analysis (JSA) module helped track potential hazards while performing tasks and provided reports on potential hazards to management.
  • The Personnel on Board (POB) module tracks offshore employee hours and training requirements.
  • The Management of Change (MOC) module tracks changes to offshore facilities providing an auditable trail to comply with Subpart S changes.
    • Email reminders are sent biweekly to participants to make sure the process of each changes continues to move forward.
My Highlights
  • Created custom control using Ajax Control Toolkit Modal Popup along with jQuery AJAX functionality to retrieve data from a web service to allow clients to select facilities from a multilevel list, replacing the need for several drop downs and post backs to the server.
  • Updated site validation to use a single sign on solution for multiple sites allowing users the ability to seamlessly navigate from another regardless of where they originally logged on.
  • Created a windows service to send bi-weekly email reminders to users potentially holding up MOCs.
  • Added autocomplete to help prevent duplication and standardize data entry of task and facility personnel.
  • Integrated Dundas Charting software to create dynamic charts for reports.

.NET v2.0, MS SQL Stored Procedures, AJAX Control Toolkit, jQuery, Dundas Charting