Project Management Software

Business Need

Pipelines that transport oil and gas are highly regulated. Submitting permits and required notifications to various government agencies (deadlines which are constantly changing, btw) is a daunting, yet super important task. One failure to comply can lead to large fines, costly delays, and potential shutdown of offshore facilities.

A few years back, we had a client using spreadsheets for tracking the lifecycle of their oil and gas pipelines. Not hard to see why this was problematic. What if the file was deleted or corrupted? What if the only person that understands the spreadsheet retires? Which did happen. Creating the need for a more sophisticated, secure, and sustainable way to stay on top of pipeline lifecycle deadlines.


No one can retire…ever. Ha! Knowing that’s not an option, we did some research and came up with JCC Tasks. What started as an online tool for meeting important reporting deadlines for pipelines quickly grew. It’s now a powerful, customizable project management tool used by oil and gas players to meet compliance standards of all types.

Key Features
  • Web-based, secure application – Projects can easily be shared amongst employees while keeping data centralized and secure in one location so everyone has current information.
  • Multiple roles and user permissions – User access can be customized per project, giving each user the ability to make changes, add comments, or upload relevant files as needed.
  • Easily customizable project templates – Allows for the creation of a new project in seconds without having to recreate the tasks, fields, and dates required.
  • Date synchronization – Automatically adjusts deadlines as the project start date or other time dependent milestones are updated.

And what’s more: it’s not limited to pipelines. The application is used as an overall project management software solution for other compliance projects.

My Highlights
  • Created application, master page, security, and data classes
  • Wrote logic to create new projects from templates.
  • Added sorting of custom fields and dates.
  • Creation of custom state diagrams, including limiting the available selection based on the current state to ensure all phases of a project are completed in a specified order.
  • Added functionality to suggested tasks or custom fields that may need to be added during a change in project status.
  • Creation of logic to allow synchronization of dates across tasks within a project.

.NET Framework v4.6.1, MS SQL Stored Procedures, AJAX Control Toolkit, jQuery, jQuery UI, Bootstrap